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Shocking truth about cost of a fatal auto accident in Massachusetts

A fatal auto accident can happen fast in Massachusetts. Just recently, two men died in a head-on collision on Route 20 in Massachusetts near Springfield. To add to the chaos, one of the vehicles was reported stolen before the deadly car crash.

So many factors can be an issue after a fatal auto accident in Massachusetts. What if a vehicle involved in the fatal accident was involved in a crime? What if the other driver has no insurance? What if your insurance company refuses to pay? Should you file a wrongful death lawsuit? Questions often lead to more questions.

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The number of people who died in auto accidents in Massachusetts has declined in recent years, from 441 in 2005 to 334 in 2009. But while the number of fatalities has decreased, the financial impact of a fatal motor vehicle accident has skyrocketed across the country. In 2009, the cost of a single motor vehicle fatality exceeded $6 million nationwide, according to federal accident data analyzed by AAA. That figure is 85 percent – or $2.76 million – higher compared to 2005, when the estimated cost of a single motor vehicle fatality was $3.24 million.

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