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Black ice hazardous on Massachusetts roads. How to stay safe.

Massachusetts drivers deal with hazardous roads all the time, especially during the winter. And one of the trickiest things drivers can encounter is black ice. This nasty road condition results when melting snow re-freezes and instantly turns a wet road into an ice rink. That’s exactly what happened recently in Southborough. Black ice caused an accident in this small Massachusetts town.

Black ice accidents happen all over the world. Listen to this woman’s horrific story of how she lost control of her vehicle on black ice and veered into an icy canal in Scotland. Watch this video to see how a small patch of black ice triggers one accident after another on this Asian highway. Notice how even the tow truck arriving at the scene of the accident cannot stop due to dangerous black ice.

Black ice can be deceptive. The road looks wet, but it’s really frozen solid. That’s often why drivers lose control of their car on black ice. They never even realize there’s ice on the road until it’s too late.

Experts estimate that black ice covered roads result in five times more accidents than clear roads. Trying to stop on black ice can be extremely dangerous. It takes nine times as long to stop on black ice as it does on a clear road, according to road safety experts. That’s why it’s crucial you don’t slam on your breaks if you hit a patch of black ice. Don’t make any sudden steering changes either. Just ride it out.

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