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Massachusetts passengers injured in drunk driving accidents. Get answers here.

Passengers often sustain injuries in drunk driving accidents in Massachusetts. And each year, drunk drivers cause nearly half of all traffic fatalities in Massachusetts. What would you do if you were injured while riding in a car with a drunk driver? How would you pay your medical bills? And are there any laws in Massachusetts that could affect your right to be compensated for your injuries?

Any time passengers sustain injuries in a car accident, passengers almost always have a personal injury claim against one of the drivers.

Another important factor to consider is who supplied the alcohol to the driver. If a bar or liquor store knowingly sold alcohol to the driver in an intoxicated state, you may be able to pursue a legal case against the bar or package store.

Then there’s Massachusetts’s liability laws. Massachusetts is a “no fault” state. That means your insurance company pays your medical bills after an accident regardless of who’s at fault. But getting your insurance company to cooperate can sometimes be a challenge.

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Our lawyers have years of experience defending clients injured in drunk driving accidents in Massachusetts. We tenaciously investigate every case and will work tirelessly to obtain the full compensation you deserve for your accident. We understand how traumatic drunk driving accidents can be. We can help.

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