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Worcester Accident Attorneys Offer Safe Winter Driving Tips

As the weather grows colder in Boston this winter season, it becomes especially important for drivers to exercise caution when driving. Winter weather presents many risks to drivers, from ice and snow on the roads to reduced visibility. Bad winter weather can create a dangerous situation and drivers need to do everything possible to prepare themselves for winter storms.

Our Worcester accident attorneys urge drivers to consider some safe driving tips that can help them to reduce the risk of driving during winter weather. We also caution drivers to use their common sense and to stay home when the weather looks very bad.

Winter Safe Driving Tips

There are a lot of tips to consider to stay safe during the winter driving season, but My Fox Boston provides six key pieces of advice for drivers to put into practice. Their winter safe driving tips include the following:

  1. Checking the lights on your vehicle. This includes not only your headlights, which you need for visibility during fog, rainstorms and snowstorms, but also your turn signal lights and tail lights. Using your signals during winter to alert other drivers of what you intend is even more important than at other times during the year since drivers may take longer to slow down or stop on icy roads.
  2. Having an inspection performed by a certified mechanic. Your mechanic can spot problems with the lights as well as other issues that could compromise driver safety. The mechanic should check your tires to make sure they are inflated to the proper level and don't have worn treads. Your mechanic can also check all the fluids in your car (don't forget the antifreeze!) and can make sure the brakes are in good working order.
  3. Always being prepared for the worst, no matter what the weather says. Weathermen aren't infallible and even when the forecast says the weather is going to be fine, you never know for sure. To be prepared, you should always have a snow brush and ice scraper in your car as well as an emergency roadside kit including flares. Having some food and a blanket in the trunk is a good idea as well if you want to make sure you are prepared for any eventuality.
  4. Share driving duties and don't drive when you're feeling tired. If you are going on a long trip over the holiday season, you should rotate out drivers so you do not become bored or fatigued and lose your focus on the road.
  5. Never drive distracted. Your cell phone, DVD player, music player and other electronic devices all take your focus off the road which can be extremely dangerous. Keep these devices in the backseat or the car's trunk so you won't be tempted to take a look.
  6. Beware of what other drivers are doing. Not everyone knows how to drive in winter or makes smart winter weather choices.  By being alert to what is going on, you might be able to avoid becoming the victim of an accident that someone else causes through carelessness.

While these tips can help keep you safe, you are still vulnerable to others on the road. If a driver fails to be reasonably careful during the winter season and causes a wreck, that driver can be held legally liable.

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