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Court ruling keeps health care costs low in Massachusetts

Health insurance will remain affordable for Massachusetts residents, thanks to a recent court ruling involving two health insurance companies attempting to significantly raise rates.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care of Wellesley and Fallon Community Health Plan of Worcester both wanted to significantly raise the fees they charge Massachusetts customers for health insurance. But a judge recently ordered the two insurance companies to not drastically raise rates. Instead, the judge said the two companies could only impose modest rate increases like other insurance companies statewide.

The recent court decision will mean that Harvard Pilgrim customers will pay on average 8 to 12 percent less than what Harvard Pilgrim wanted to charge customers. Fallon customers will pay on average 18 to 32 percent less than what Fallon wanted to charge customers.

By law, every person in Massachusetts must have health insurance coverage. The law went into effect in 2006 in an effort to control costs and keep health insurance affordable for everyone.

Insurance companies claim caps on increases imposed by the state have resulted in huge losses. Meanwhile, these same companies crying poor continue to pay their chief executives millions of dollars each year.

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