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Massachusetts seatbelt use on the rise. What’s driving the increase?

Seatbelts save lives. As seatbelt use has increased nationwide, the fatality rate for motor vehicle accidents has plummeted. That’s probably why seatbelt usage continues to rise in Massachusetts. An estimated 67 percent of Massachusetts motorists wear seatbelts, according to a 2008 study. That’s up dramatically since 1998, when 51 percent of Massachusetts drivers wore seatbelts.

Even so, Massachusetts lags far behind the rest of country in seatbelt usage. The difference may have to do with different seatbelt laws in different states. States like Massachusetts have secondary enforcement seatbelt laws. This means police cannot pull someone over simply for not wearing their seatbelt in Massachusetts. Police in Massachusetts can only issue a $25 ticket for not wearing a seatbelt if there’s another traffic violation.

States with primary seatbelt laws (meaning police can stop someone simply for not wearing their seatbelt) report that 88 percent of motorists wear seatbelts. States without such laws report that 75 percent of motorists wear seatbelts.

Seatbelts are not perfect. They are only effective if they function correctly. And sometimes, seatbelts have fatal flaws.

Several years ago, a gifted young professional baseball player, Brian Cole, was killed when his Ford SUV rolled over and his seatbelt failed to hold him in place. An investigation found that Cole had on his seatbelt. Ford insisted there was nothing wrong with the seatbelt. The courts disagreed. Recently, a jury ordered Ford to pay Cole’s family $131 million, claiming the seatbelt did not operate correctly and contributed to Cole’s death.

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